Heroic Theseus

Amanda Forsythe

Dominique Labelle

Amy Freston

Céline Ricci

Robin Blaze

Drew Minter


Nicholas McGegan, conductor
Amanda Forsythe, soprano (Teseo)
Dominique Labelle, soprano (Medea)
Amy Freston, soprano (Agilea)
Céline Ricci, soprano (Clizia)
Robin Blaze, countertenor (Arcane)
Drew Minter, countertenor (Egeo)
Jeffrey Fields, baritone (Priest of Minerva)
Jonathan Smucker, tenor


Mythology’s most feared sorceress didn’t just fade into history after killing her own children and cursing her adulterous husband Jason. Medea resurfaces in Athens under the protection of King Egeo who has also promised to marry her. Unable to escape her past, her descent into madness is quickened when she falls in love with Egeo’s rival, a dashing young general who turns out to be his illegitmate son, Teseo (mythical hero Theseus). While Medea pines for Teseo, the King sets his sights on his own young ward, Agilea, the object of Teseo’s affection. What could possibly go wrong?

Handel’s third opera for the London stage showcases Dominique Labelle in a rare villainess role and the rising star of the early music world Amanda Forsythe in her Philharmonia Baroque debut as the heroic Teseo. Nicholas McGegan leads the all treble cast (sopranos, altos and countertenors), closing a brilliant season with one of Handel’s rarest of gems.
HANDEL   Teseo, HWV 9
sung in Italian with English translation provided


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