Venue: San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Quantz and Telemann

Stephen Schultz, flute
Lisa Weiss, violin
Katherin Kyme, viola
William Skeen, cello
Charles Sherman, harpsichord

Quartet No. 5 in C major
Quartet No. 3 in D major

“La Françoise” from Les Nations ‘Sonade’

Quartet No. 6 in D minor
Quartet No. 5 in G major

Cinquième Concert in D minor

In those panicky years of the Second World War and its aftermath, entire libraries disappeared, spirited away either for protection or as war booty. Such was the fate of the archives of the Berlin Sing-Akademie, which turned up in Kiev in 1999 and were returned to Berlin in 2001, where their precious contents were made available to scholars. Thus the six flute quartets of Johann Joachim Quantz (1697–1773)—known to exist but unpublished and hence unheard since the 18th century—were restored to posterity by flutist and musicologist Mary Oleskiewicz. These quartets would appear to be early works, probably written in the 1720s; they partake strongly of contrapuntal Baroque idioms rather than the lighter rococo style of Quantz’s later works. The program includes two of the resurrected quartets (in C Major and D Major), all for flute, violin, viola, and continuo. The concert also includes two “quartet sonatas” (for the same forces) from the Fourth Book of Quartets of 1752 by Georg Philip Telemann. Written in the sonata da chiesa style of four movements alternating slow-fast-slow-fast, both of the quartets—in D Minor and G Major—offer splendid testament to Telemann’s inexhaustible vitality and masterful handling of form and counterpoint.