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Administration and Staff

View profiles and contact information for Philharmonia Baroque administration and staff. Listings are provided for open positions.

Staff members can reached at our office address and phone, or by email, as noted.
Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
414 Mason Street
Suite 606
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-1288

Staff List

Courtney Beck
Executive Director x303
Email: cbeck@philharmonia.org

David Challinor
Subscription and Patron Services Manager x305
Email: dchallinor@philharmonia.org

Sally Galler
Development Associate & IT Manager x300
Email: sgaller@philharmonia.org

Myles Glancy
Production & Education Manager x312
Email: mglancy@philharmonia.org

Lisa Grodin
Director of Education x916
Email: lgrodin@philharmonia.org

Noelle R. Moss
Director of Development x314
Email: nmoss@philharmonia.org

Jeff Phillips
Artistic Administrator x301
Email: jphillips@philharmonia.org

Dianne Provenzano
Director of Marketing & Communications x315
Email: dprovenzano@philharmonia.org

Arturo Rodriguez
Patron Services & Office Coordinator x307
Email: arodriguez@philharmonia.org

Heli Roiha
Bookkeeper x308
Email: hroiha@philharmonia.org

Elizabeth Shribman
General Manager x310
Email: eshribman@philharmonia.org

William Skeen
Orchestra Librarian x313
Email: wskeen@philharmonia.org

Paul Swatek
Director of Finance x306
Email: pswatek@philharmonia.org

Please contact artistic administrator Jeff Phillips for booking requests.