In-School Programs


Philharmonia Baroque provides small ensembles FREE of charge that present interactive concert demonstrations in public and private educational institutions willing to host a daytime concert or assembly. In contrast to our Student Concert, which showcases the entire orchestra, each In-School Program focuses on the unique role of a specific group of instruments within the orchestra. Students will experience the sound of period instruments and learn about the history behind the music. In collaboration with teachers, the performers may modify the presentation content to suit the ages, musical abilities and academic levels of the student audience. In-School programs are suitable for music classes and many other academic or arts based classes.

2014-15 In-School Programs

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Baroque Music, Dance, Strings, and Percussion Week of October 13, 2014
String Quintets and Quodlibets Week of November 12, 2014
From Guts to Bolts: Baroque Strings and Continuo Week of January 19, 2015
Historic Winds in Transition Week of April 15, 2015

It is highly recommended that multiple music classes, student performing groups, history and other cross-disciplinary classes be included in the presentation. Neighboring schools are also encouraged to join together for assemblies as school policies allow. In-school Program requests do not necessarily need to originate from a school’s music department but a host school and primary contact person should be designated.

In each In-School Program presentation:

  • The music is given historical context, providing a look into the composers’ lives, careers and the times in which they worked. The performers demonstrate how historic scholarship enlivens the performance.
  • The performers share the distinctive sounds of authentic, historical instruments – and also explain how the instruments have evolved over time.
  • The performers describe their own personal journeys as artists and early music specialists, inspiring young audiences to continue their involvement with music.

Here are some comments we’ve received about the In-School Program visits:

“This was an amazing way to put to practice the concepts we have been learning. It was also fantastic to ‘see’ the music rather than just listening to it.”

– Jane

“… I’m a brass player and I learned so much about strings and how to play better in a group.”

– J. Tayo

“Ideas expressed extremely clearly. Very charismatic group!”

– Dominique

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