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Irenie Melin-Gompper, will help demonstrate period dances on 2/25.

The San Francisco Community Music Center will present members of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and guest dancers in a master class demonstration of Baroque music and dance. The event is free and open to the public–families included! Audience participation will be warmly encouraged. 

Through much of history, musical compositions were created to accompany social dance. Many dance forms of the Baroque era are still performed in modern times. The program will offer a brief retrospective of selected baroque dances and the music with which they were associated.
With careful attention to historical detail, PBO brings music and dance together in a lively and informative program of instrumental pieces. Period dancers will demonstrate a variety of historic dances-some elegant, some very lively, some definitely rowdy. It is our hope that this collaboration with SFCMC will help inspire the audience to be aware of the importance of dance in the appreciation of the technical and artistic qualities of all music. 
For more information: phone Director of Education Lisa Grodin or Education Coordinator Arturo Rodriguez at Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra; 415-252-1288.

WHEN: February 25, 2017 @ 2:30 pm
WHERE: CMC Concert Hall, 544 Capp St. San Francisco, CA 94110