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Our musicians perform on instruments appropriate to the period. In some cases, the instruments are historical treasures dating from the baroque and classical eras. In other cases, the instruments have been produced by modern craftsmen working in the historical tradition. We note the makers of our musicians’ instruments.


Violin Family:
Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Bass

Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Recorder, Clarinet, Bassoon

Horn, Trumpet


Lute Family:

Organ, Harpsichord


About the Violin

Elizabeth Blumenstock
Andrea Guarneri, Cremona, Italy, 1660; on loan from Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra Period Instrument Trust

Keats Dieffenbach

Joe Edelberg

Jolianne von Einem
Rowland Ross, Guilford, England, 1979; after A. Stradivari, Cremona, Italy

Lisa Grodin
Paulo Antonio Testore, Contrada, Larga di Milano, Italy, 1736

Chloe Kim

Katherine Kyme
Carlo Antonio Testore, Milan, Italy, 1720

Tyler Lewis
Anonymous, Italy c. 1800

Anthony Martin
Thomas Oliver Croen, Walnut Creek, California, 2005; after Francesco Gobetti, Venice, Italy, 1717

Carla Moore
Johann Georg Thir, Vienna, Austria, 1754

Maxine Nemerovski
David Tecchler, Rome, Italy, 1733

Linda Quan

David Sego

Noah Strick
Celia Bridges, Cologne, Germany, 1988

Anna Washburn

Lisa Weiss
Anonymous; after Testore

Sara Usher

Alicia Yang


About the Viola

Maria Caswell
Anonymous, Mittenwald, Germany, c. 1800

Stephen Goist

Lisa Grodin
Mathias Eberl, Salzburg, Austria, 1680

Gail Hernandez Rosa

Anthony Martin
Aegidius Kloz, Mittenwald, Germany, 1790

Ellie Nishi
Anonymous, Germany, 18th century

Jessica Troy

Aaron Westman


About the Violoncello

Keiran Campbell

Phoebe Carrai

Paul Hale
Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert, Petaluma, California, 1988; after A. Stradivari

Robert Howard

William Skeen
Anonymous, Northern Italy, c. 1680


About the Bass

Richard Duke

Dave Horn

Anthony Manzo
Tom Wolf, 2007; after Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, Tanegia, 1766

Michael Minor
Anonymous, Brescia, 17th century

Kristin Zoernig
Joseph Wrent, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1648


About the Flute

Joseph Monticello

Mindy Rosenfeld
Roderick Cameron, Mendocino, California, 1985; after G. A. Rottenburgh, Brussels, Belgium, c. 1745

Stephen Schultz
Martin Wenner, Singen, Germany, 2012; after Carlo Palanca, Turin, Italy, c. 1750


About the Piccolo

Mindy Rosenfeld
Robert Claire, Oakland, California, 1985

Stephen Schultz
Robert Claire, Oakland, California, 1985


About the Oboe

David Dickey

Gonzalo X. Ruiz

Marc Schachman
H. A. Vas Dias, Decatur, Georgia, 2001; after Thomas Stanesby, England, c. 1710


About the Clarinet

Diane Heffner
Daniel Bangham, Cambridge, England, 1993; after H. Grenser, Dresden, Germany, c. 1810

Eric Hoeprich


About the Bassoon

Danny Bond
Peter de Koningh, Hall, Holland, 1978; after Prudent, Paris, France, c. 1760

Andrew Schwartz


About the Horn

Alex Cook

R.J. Kelley
Richard Seraphinoff, Bloomington, Indiana, 2006 (after Hoffmaster, England, c. 1740)


Greg Ingles

Mack Ramsey

Erik Schmalz


About the Trumpet

Kathryn Adduci
Rainer Egger, Basel, Switzerland, 2006; after Johann Leonhard Ehe III, Nuremberg, Germany, 1748

Dominic Favia

William Harvey
Keavy Vanryne, London, England, 2003; after Johann Wilhelm Hass, Nuremberg, Germany, c. 1710-1720

Fred Holmgren
Fred Holmgren, Massachusetts, 2005; after Johann Leonhard Ehe III, Nuremberg, Germany, 1746

John Thiessen
Rainer Egger, Basel, Switzerland, 2003; after Johann Leonhard Ehe III, Nuremberg, Germany, 1746


About the Timpani

Allen Biggs

Todd Manley

Kent Reed


About the Theorbo

Adam Cockerham

Arash Noori

David Tayler
Andreas van Holst, Munich, Germany, 2004; after Magno Tieffenbrucker, Venice, Italy, 1610


About the Harpsichord
About the Organ

Hanneke van Proosdij

Jory Vinikour


Christopher Layer