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pasqualati-house-viennaBeethoven in Vienna

By Nicolas McGegan

Just recently I spend a couple of days in Vienna and was amazed at how it has been restored and repainted in recent years. One of my favourite places to visit is the Pasqualati House near to the present-day Burg Theatre. It was here that he wrote the fifth and sixth symphonies among many other works.

He lived on the top floor which had a great view over the city walls which is where the Ring now is. Beethoven — was to say the least — an eccentric tenant, something which only became worse as his deafness increased. I can only imagine that living in the apartment under the composer must have been something of an ordeal.

Like everyone in Vienna, he loved good strong coffee. His favourite foods were macaroni & Parmesan cheese, and fish with potatoes. His love of Parmesan was something that he shared with Haydn. He loved white wine. On his deathbed his publisher had sent him a case of wine. His response was ‘Pity, pity….too late’. These are his last recorded words!


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