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BLOG: Schubert & Mendelssohn – A Tale of Two Prodigies

Schubert & Mendelssohn - A Tale of Two Prodigies By Bruce Lamott Nothing deflates a class of high school sophomores faster than telling them, after listening to Mendelssohn's Overture to…

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BLOG: Handel’s Oratorio Choirs

Handel's Oratorio Choirs By Bruce Lamott While there has been a long-running controversy among musicologists and conductors about the makeup of Bach's choirs (one-to-a-part? four-to-a-part? more-to-a-part-if-he-could've afforded it?) the historical…

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BLOG: The Story of Mozart’s Thought-Lost Oboe Concerto

The Story of Mozart's Thought-Lost Oboe Concerto By Gonzalo X. Ruiz In the early 20th century scholars knew that in 1777, as he was getting ready to leave Salzburg for…

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BLOG: Music that’s Out of this World

Music that's Out of this World By Bruce Lamott Imagine, if you will, a space-faring extraterrestrial rocking out to Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" or grooving to Bach's Second Brandenburg…

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Charles Jennens: The Gilbert to Handel’s Sullivan

Charles Jennens: The Gilbert to Handel's Sullivan By Bruce Lamott When Handel turned from the shopworn librettos of Italian serious opera (opera seria) to the heightened drama of Saul, the…

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Bach for the Holidays by Patrick Dupré Quigley

Bach for the Holidays By Patrick Dupré Quigley As December closes in, Bach’s music sets the aural stage for my family’s holiday celebrations.  Shimmering strings, clarion winds, harpsichord and organ…

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Life in Vivaldi’s Music Program (with Video!)

Vivaldi's Pietà vs. Juilliard By Bruce Lamott If Antonio Vivaldi worked wonders with randomly deposited orphans at the Ospedaie di Pietà in Venice, where he taught sporadically from 1703 and…

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The Complete Chorale Singer

The Complete Chorale Singer By Bruce Lamott Philharmonia's recent addition of "and Chorale" to its moniker had more significance than a mere change of logo. It was rather a recognition…

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Mozart in Salzburg: A Tale of Two Prince-Archbishops

MOZART IN SALZBURG: A TALE OF TWO PRINCE-ARCHBISHOPS By Bruce Lamott Mozart's love-hate relationship with Salzburg, his picturesque birthplace, stemmed largely from a regime change that was pivotal in his…

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